La Cerise : share a cause which matters to you

La Cerise is a French social mobilization network, dedicated to citizens in order to facilitate the gathering around common causes. Discussion, ideas, debates, discussions and democratic votes are at the heart of this application, created by the newspaper L’Humanité and Linagora.

La Cerise was unveiled at the Festival of Humanity, held from 9 to 11 September 2016. Shortly after its launch on Android and iOS, La Cerise has already surpassed the 1500 record and a hundred causes. It is a fine example of citizen engagement.


Patrick Le Hyaric, director of L’Humanité, this new social network, labeled by Humanity, is « at the service of democracy, peace, social justice and freedom.  »
According to Alexandre Zapolsky, CEO of LINAGORA: « It has never been so important that people speak and mobilize to find solutions together. We have not wanted to make a disputed or a stress relief, but rather a construction medium. We wanted a useful and positive tool for the daily life of French, both for small causes but also major causes. For us it is also important to advocate to change the route of a bus line to think about, to quote a case currently online application, recognize the white vote.  »
Free and open bases

The application is developed on the basis of OpenPaaS, 100% Open Source software. The result of the developments will soon be made available as open source license, allowing everyone to contribute and improve the network of La Cerise. The application is hosted in France and therefore guarantees all users have their data stored in France. Finally, Humanity promises not to sell the data of its users to third parties unlike other online petition platforms.

Download the mobile app (only available in France)
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The official website of La Cerise